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Opening van 'n simposium vir kaders (reserwe kaders) op alle vlakke in 2021

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On the afternoon of November 23rd, Jwell held the 2021 cadres (reserve cadres) meeting at all levels in Loudong Hotel, Taicang City. It was the 24th anniversary of Jwell Machinery. Jwell people talked in a simple and intimate way. The road to development in the face of adversity.
The meeting was divided into three parts. First, Mr. Lou Yijian, the current rotating chairman of Jwell Company, introduced his work experience in the past two years.
On behalf of all the members of the board of directors, Mr. Lou thanked all the staff of Jwell for their support and help to the work of the board of directors. In the past two years, with the joint efforts of employees, we have achieved many achievements, but at the same time there are many shortcomings. In terms of the standardization of basic components and the overall scheduling of after-sales services, we still have a lot of work to improve.
On behalf of all the members of the board of directors, Mr. Lou thanked all the staff of Jwell for their support and help to the work of the board of directors. In the past two years, with the joint efforts of employees, we have achieved many achievements, but at the same time there are many shortcomings. In terms of the standardization of basic components and the overall scheduling of after-sales services, we still have a lot of work to improve.
Subsequently, He Haichao, chairman of JWELL, delivered an important speech, the main contents are as follows:


At the meeting, he asked cadres at all levels (reserve cadres) to improve their quality, dare to innovate, and be good at learning. Cherish the platform of the company, cherish the current position, and maintain the Jwell brand. Have a big picture, care for each other, train new people and raise wages. In the face of the long journey, we must continue to walk forward firmly. There are the following eight aspects:

1. Improve the quality of all staff, improve the board of directors system, and adhere to the reporting, communication and summary system

At present, our development prospects are very good, there are more and more opportunities, and the company is expanding. How to maintain it well, we must improve the quality of all employees, constantly improve the company's board of directors system and management mechanism, and train reserve cadres in a planned, step-by-step, and scientific manner and talent. Our managers must do a good job in improving the quality of employees, and try to do some "extra duties", which is very important for personal growth, company development, and customer satisfaction. It is necessary to adhere to the reporting, communication, and summary system. The report and summary can show that everyone has demonstrated their ability in terms of collected data, organizational logic, and expressed attitude. They grow through persistence and gain through hard work.

2. Adhere to innovation and development, and strive to improve quality and efficiency
We must put innovation at the heart of it. Innovation and development focus on solving the problem of development momentum. We must continue to promote product innovation, system innovation, cultural innovation and other aspects of innovation, so that the quality of development is better, the efficiency is higher, and the structure is better. Spot on a certain field or a certain product and do it immediately. The company that is a member of the board of directors should take the lead in doing it, insist on innovation without slackening, insist on long-term learning without slackening, adhere to a scientific and rigorous style without fading, with the new thinking and new vitality of young people, Inject the vitality and impetus for the continuous development of the enterprise.
3. Supplier management, assessment and screening
In the new competitive environment, as a supporting supplier of Jwell's supply chain management system, a new spirit of cooperation is required: each supplier must persist in this field for a long time and innovate, and must be "loyal, pragmatic and developing" . Jwell and all suppliers are developing together and improving each other. We have always adhered to the route of win-win cooperation and shared the fruits of success with suppliers.
4. Do a good job in talent training and recruitment, and implement the spirit of enterprise
It is hoped that every employee will dare to work hard, have the courage to take responsibility, have a big-picture concept, and be a "good person" and "do a good job" in foreign affairs, and achieve themselves and others. Adhere to Jwell's corporate spirit, be persistent in heart, implement the company's core philosophy and be able to treat people honestly.
We have also cultivated a large number of outstanding reserve talents by ourselves, and established the "JWELL Class" in many colleges and universities. Organically combine corporate culture and campus culture to create compound technical and skilled talents. Expand the recruitment area, attract and recruit outstanding graduates and talents in the industry, improve the talent training system, discover and select talents in recruitment and training, and maintain the vitality and vitality of the entire personnel system. These talents share the same values as ours, and have laid a solid foundation for the steady development of the company.
Pay attention to employee relationship management and promote employee job rotation mechanism. Each professional company must be equipped with personnel specialists, and the general manager must go deep into personnel work.
5. Promote brand building and strengthen maintenance
Ensure product quality and smooth after-sales service, so as to continuously improve customer satisfaction and continue to gain recognition. In order to maintain the brand image. Brand is an important asset of an enterprise, and the brand also needs continuous innovation. We must improve the copyright-related laws and regulations with "JWELL" and "JWELL" as the core brand trademarks, do a good job in the strategic planning of JWELL's sub-brands, and actively try to create JWELL III level company. Maintaining and building a brand image is a long-term process that requires the joint maintenance of all employees.
6. Improve the treatment of new recruits and report on work of cadres at all levels at the end of the year
The company is in a critical period of development. We have recruited a large number of new young people for several consecutive years, strengthened the team, and attached great importance to the rejuvenation and vitality of the talent team. When new employees enter Jwell, the first thing they see and feel is the hard work of employees. The dedicated, pragmatic and optimistic spirit of Jwell has deeply attracted a group of young people to work hard for it. Newcomers provide competitive salaries in the industry, creating space for more newcomers to grow.
The company's cadres at all levels are the backbone of the company's management, and reporting work is also one of the traditional end-of-year tasks. Focus on the completion of work tasks, what problems encountered in the work and analyze the causes of the problems, what measures have been taken during the period, and the experience summed up. While summarizing the achievements, everyone should fully recognize their own shortcomings and implement specific improvement measures.
7. Care for each other, be kind, and be healthy
The fundraising activities for the disaster area initiated by Chairman He, as well as the donation activities organized by employees to cultivate employees' alma mater, were enthusiastically participated by employees, which fully demonstrated the mutual care, solidarity, passion and responsibility of employees. Inheritance and responsibility show the positive, loving and positive corporate culture of employees. Adhere to let every goodwill exert its maximum value and bring wonderful changes to the world.
In the management of people, it is necessary to strengthen the care and love for subordinates, communicate and understand more, be kind and calm, help subordinates improve their skills and efficiency, and cultivate self-confidence and a sense of achievement in work.
The company also conducts physical examinations for employees (including retired employees) every year, and conducts relevant medical knowledge popularization, first aid skills training and health consultation to help employees effectively solve their physical problems and provide a strong guarantee for everyone's healthy harvest. In order to build a professional company with satisfied customers and happy employees, we will persevere and work hard.
8. Do a good job in marketing
We need to change the shackles of some old systems and old ideas. Actively learn, persist in learning, continuously optimize the knowledge structure through learning, use some marketing tools of new media such as WeChat, Douyin, Video Account, Toutiao, Linkedin, Facebook, etc., to accurately capture potential customer groups, and make full use of the advantages of the platform and teamwork. , to overcome the enemy and win, gain the trust of customers, treat customers reverently, and adhere to the service concept of diligence, sincerity, enthusiasm and precision, so that new and old customers can enjoy a pleasant, ultimate service experience!


At the meeting, Director Yang Lixing, who is in charge of procurement and logistics, also introduced some recent procurement work.
1.The price of raw materials has risen a lot, of which the motor has risen by about 50%. The purchasing department is actively looking for new suppliers with high cost performance to replace the original suppliers whose prices have risen too much. Under the new market situation, some long-term cooperative suppliers are not focused enough, and the product quality has serious problems in batches; or due to some reasons, the delivery time is out of control, resulting in delivery difficulties, which also rings for us. The wake-up call prompts us to seek and cultivate new partners.
2. During the work inspection of the purchasing department, we found that the internal communication and coordination ability of the purchasing department is poor. The same product has different quotations. It is recommended that the same product can be ordered in batches after integrating the quantity. The work needs to be meticulous, standardized and fully communicated.
3. The evaluation of the personnel of the purchasing department needs to be realistic and scored, timely reflect the problem, and improve it in time.
4. Do a good job in supplier management, and select the most cost-effective suppliers for cooperation under the premise of ensuring quality and quantity. Next month, we will hold a symposium with sheet suppliers, and invite the general manager, factory manager, procurement, quality inspection and other personnel to evaluate the suppliers from all sides according to the questionnaire. Each professional company also needs to compile a report on major quality problems this year and give feedback to suppliers in a timely manner.


At the end of the meeting, Chairman Mr. He Haichao announced on behalf of Jwell's shareholders meeting that the new rotating chairman of Jwell was appointed by Mr. Liu Chunhua, Director of Jwell Machinery and General Manager of Jwell Machinery's Changzhou Plant, for a term of two years. General Manager Liu Chunhua and the current rotating chairman Mr. Lou Yijian will officially complete the work handover before the end of May 2022.

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