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Smal gapingsbedekking-reeks

Smal gapingsbedekking-reeks

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Narrow gap coating die head can produce a very thin coating and transparent optical coatings, also can make the coating is kept in very exact tolerances range, Unlike the wipe liquid coating on the based material, our narrow gap coating die head system belongs to die lip gap is opposite bigger (0.0762 mm) coating die head, so that the thinnest coating will reach to 1μm through out the die lip. On the case of the condition thickness only in 0.002mm or 2μm ,the Narrow gap coating die head system can control the entire width coating capacity tolerance range around 5%. We design the die lip is fixed, so we can use the control feeler blade to control the coating thickness and width. Coating thickness from less than 1μm to 254μm. The die head can processing all kinds of adhesive (including special transparent adhesives), battery, ceramic capacitor, decorative surface, electronic display medium, the filtration membrane, floor, fuel cells, magnetic mud, medical products, light resistance materials, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, solar battery, superconductor, tore belt and the window with film, etc.

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